30,000 Steps Lead Me to Some Unusual Sights

I don’t know if the Fitbit craze has reached your part of the world, but everyone I know here in the States is wearing one. My husband, son and I all got Fitbits for Christmas and routinely challenge each other. My goal is 10,000 steps a day which isn’t easy when you have a desk job. But 10,000 steps is a piece of cake when I’m in Europe. Or I should say, a spiral of Tredlnik, because I had those steps knocked out before noon as I wandered around Prague.

On my last day there I ended up amassing 30,454 steps (12.9 miles) before I went to the airport at 4:00pm. I didn’t have any plans that day; just wanted to soak up as many sights as I could on my last day in Prague. I saw sights, indeed. Some beautiful, some strange. Here are some out-of-the-way spots I found as I wandered.

The John Lennon Wall


It was only fitting that there was a guy with a  guitar singing Beatles tunes when I went. Maybe there always is? I don’t know, but I was glad I saw a tiny handwritten sign and arrow leading me to this out-of-the-way alley.

Je Suis Charlie

You can see that there are memorial displays directly across the street from one another: John Lennon Wall and Je Suis Charlie

You can see that there are memorial displays directly across the street from one another: John Lennon Wall and Je Suis Charlie


Across from the John Lennon wall was the French Embassy, where hundreds of candles and other messages were left in honor of the Je Suis Charlie movement.

David Černý  Sculptures

This Czech artist is known for his controversial “hooliganism” for which he’s been briefly arrested. The local visitor’s center circled a few of his sculptures on the map for me. There were only a few I could walk to, but the next time I go to Prague, I’ll make an effort to explore beyond walkable Prague to find them all.

Statue of  St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse. It’s upside down and hanging in a shopping center. It took me about 2,000 steps up and down the street before I found it. Gotta remember: look up!


Statue of Sigmund Freud hanging by one hand. Luckily someone pointed this out to me, or I would have missed it. Must. Look. Up.


“Tower Babies,” a series of crawling infants attached to Žižkov Television Tower. I didn’t walk to this one. I saw it during my Nuclear Bunker Tour.


I also saw this Franz Kafka statue, which isn’t a David Cerny piece, but may as well be.


The Hunger Wall?

Across the river, I saw this set of stairs/wall that reminded me so much of the Great Wall of China. A quick glance at my map said it was called the Hunger Wall, but I don’t know what that means, or why it’s there. Weird.


And of course, I saw all those magnificent rooftops, spires, architecture, and Charles Bridge sculptures as I walked my legs off through Prague. If only I had such beautiful sights back here in Ohio. It would make it a lot easier to get my 10,000 steps in and with sights like these, I’d shoot for 30,000 every day!

Are you a walker?


25 responses to “30,000 Steps Lead Me to Some Unusual Sights

  1. Loads of steps is SO much easier when you’re someplace new! It doesn’t hurt that Prague is such a fun walking town. Safe travels.

  2. Those statues are so crazy. Love them. I’d love to visit Prague one day. I had a Fitbit Force the Christmas before last, but they had a recall on them because some people were allergic to the wristband material. I sent mine back and got a refund, and now have Vivofit. I love knowing how many steps I’ve done in a day. It’s really surprising how far one can walk, even just doing housework. 🙂

    • I like mine, too. It’s made me very aware of how little I walk at work. I definitely make more of an effort.

      The sculptures are so intriguing. I’d love to do a whole tour of them. Not sure if one exists, though.

  3. I know other people with Fitbit 10,000 steps a day targets. It seems that it changes your behaviour at the edges, like you’d walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator … so even if you don’t quite get to your goal, you’ve done more already. But I agree, holidays and new cities make it more achievable and more fun!

  4. Prague is wonderful! I went there with my family as a teenager and it’s one of my favourite cities in the world 🙂 I don’t remember seeing any of the sites or statues you’ve mentioned though, but the beautiful paintings on the walls of the buildings in the old town square stick in my mind.

  5. …and Hamilton, OH thinks ITS the “City of Sculptures” Hah! These were incredible and conversation-starters, for sure!

  6. Wow! 13 miles in one day! I think I walk a lot of steps going to the grocery store. 🙂 I’m a lightweight. I don’t walk nearly as much as I should. I love your photos. (Why is Freud hanging by a hand?) What a wonderful trip you had.

    • I’m not sure why Freud is hanging by his hand. I wondered that, too. Seems like if the sculptor hated him, he’d be hung by his neck. I wanted to learn the story behind it, but I really think I need a tour guide to explain all of Cerny’s work.

  7. I love walkable cities (although most urban cities can be argued to be walkable). I had to laugh at the Freud statue although the crawling babies kind of creeped me out. I wonder why they had to be infants specifically. You always manage to find the most interesting, quirky things on your travels. 🙂

  8. The same man was there at the John Lennon wall playing Beatles songs in September when I was there. When I’m in new places I walk to excess, but I have the same problem as you that at home I have an office job and barely move. I don’t have a fitbit, but I do record my bike rides on Strava. I love all the quirky art you found.
    – Kate

  9. Nice post! Bring back lots of memories…

    Just if you cared to know, the Hungry Wall was built by the king Charles IV between the years 1360 and 1362 and as the legends goes, it’s main purpose was to give local residents work during the famine that occurred during those few years…



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