Absinth Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Travel theme: Transformation


One of my favorite moments in Prague had very little to do with Prague. I stopped into the Absintherie and ordered an Absinth Old-Fashioned at the recommendation of the bartender. I sat at a small table beneath pictures of absinthe-riddled masters of writing: Poe, Hemingway, and Wilde. Inspired, and sure that important words were about to flow from me as well, I picked up my phone and texted my husband. We had one of the best conversations we’ve had in a while (unless I was hallucinating?) and it made me miss him.



Absinth made my heart grow fonder. Next time, I’ll explore Prague with him.

Has the Green Fairy (absinthe) ever held its spell over you?



21 responses to “Absinth Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    • Apparently, the Czech way to prepare the drink is different than in other places. In the Czech Republic, they use a sugar fork to hold the sugar cube over the absinthe cocktail and then set it on fire. It caramelizes the sugar. Plus, the Czech, or Bohemian-style absinth is anise-free. It’s produced differently there.

      I’ll tell you one thing, they’ve capitalized on the market for it there. It’s found in nearly every souvenir shop, but I went straight to the bigger (better?) source.

  1. I love the catchy title Juliann. Did you come up with it before or after the absinth? I’ve never tried absinth, but would like the opportunity. What’s the deal on the walking stick-looking insect on the table sign? ~James

    • The title came afterward. I’m telling ya, no wonder the great writers love this drink! 😉
      The walking stick is inside some bottle (kinda like the worm in tequila), but it wasn’t in the drink I had.

  2. Very cute title and so sweet that you had that loving conversation with your hubby in such a neat place. I never had a proper absinthe when I was there, since I was in my early 20’s and had no taste. I tried some absinthe straight up and it was horrific…not the way to drink it properly.

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  4. I’ve been under the impression that absinthe was rather hard to find in the States (but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!) and that it was quite popular elsewhere in the world. Whether it held magic powers or it was just good timing, I’m glad it gave you a nice moment there. 🙂

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