Maple Island Brewing


We visited the charming town of Stillwater, Minnesota which was once known as the Logging Capital of the World. It is now a quaint little day stop for Girls’ weekends, weddings, and weekend getaways. I enjoyed walking around and taking the trolley to learn the history of this mixed Dutch-German town, but the main event for me was visiting Maple Island Brewing.


On a hot summer day, there’s not much better to me than sitting down in the afternoon with a nice, cold beer. Especially craft beers, and that’s exactly what Maple Island offers: unique concoctions that the brewer Nic Brau comes up with.

I was there with a group of travel bloggers and we were all treated to the House Flight of five different types. As thirsty as we were, we had to take the requisite pictures first. Anyone who’s ever traveled with a travel blogger knows that.

bloggerPictures finished,. we sat down to sample our flights, beginning with a Burlesque Kolsh, which whet my appetite for sample #2, my favorite: Maple Island Bock. You could easily describe this as a breakfast beer because it was full of maple flavor. We all know I’m a sucker for maple.

That was my favorite among the flight we tried. The other beers had cute names: White Butt IPA, Single SHOT Sally, and Cup of Joe Freak Show (a coffee oatmeal stout). The brewery came up with over 100 types of beers in their first year. Undoubtedly, I would have enjoyed many flavors. Maybe even another breakfast-type beer: Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berry beer. But I’m not sure I’d venture further than the Maple Island Bock. I’m a woman who knows what she likes.

Have you dipped into the growing craft beer craze? Have a favorite you’d like to share?


15 responses to “Maple Island Brewing

  1. I like how you pointed out “pictures first”. Ha! Too true. I like craft beers, but I don’t go out of the way to seek them out. Good trip that, though.

    • Yes. I was with a group of travel bloggers everywhere I went in Minnesota and it got to be such a shared joke that we had to take pictures before we ever did anything else. πŸ˜„

  2. Hasn’t the world moved on in this respect? The big brewers used to dominate worldwide, producing only lifeless, tasteless, cold beers and lagers. Now craft beers are widely available and the major brewers have had to re-examine their offerings. Happily our Jersey-based brewery produces an excellent pint. Good post Juliann.

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