I Willingly Entered the House of Terror Museum

Though I’ve been to three concentration camps and several Holocaust museums, I’ve never seen footage as disturbing as what I saw in the very first room of the House of Terror Museum.

One side of the room is devoted to black & white footage of Hungary’s Soviet occupation while the other side shows video footage of its German occupation. There is substantial footage of Hitler’s troops marching in and the crowds pushing and shrieking with allegiance, hysteria and awe. Women and children held up their arms in ‘Heil Hitler’ salutes. People lifted the arms of wheel-chaired infirm; the crowd passionately intent on saluting Hitler as he rode by.


I was only allowed to take pictures in the entryway. I honored their policy of no picture-taking inside the museum exhibit.

The footage shifted to the bodies. One clip after another of bodies heaped upon bodies. Skeletal remains barely recognizable as human. Clips of bulldozers pushing a mass of tumbling bodies into mass graves.

As you watch this — stunned and speechless — loud, vibrating techno music fills the room as backdrop for the horrors that occurred in Hungary.

And that was only room #1.

I willingly entered the House of Terror Museum. Would you?


3 responses to “I Willingly Entered the House of Terror Museum

  1. OMG, probably not. I don’t like being scared, for one thing, but then that sounds like it was on another level! Making use of legit human suffering… I mean, we need to know and remember, but still.

    • Interesting that you put it that way; thinking that this museum would be scary. That’s what the name of it implies to me, too. But it was more of a cautionary message to learn from the past than something scary to experience. I hadn’t thought about Hungary’s role in world affairs and their people being under German occupation and then Soviet. What horrible times!

  2. Probably not. I think I’m pretty aware of how unbelievably awful the world can be. No harm though in reminding people though, or educating those that are blissfully unaware.

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