A Step Back in Time: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

I spent a day wandering around Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a medieval town surrounded by a massive stone wall. I’d been warned that the crowds are typically very large and that Rothenburg can take on the illusion of being a make-believe medieval village along the lines of an amusement park rather than a real town that has been preserved. I found neither myth to be true.

There were crowds, but not swarms of people like I’d expected. I also wandered off the main drag of shops and was very well aware that people actually live in Rothenburg. Their houses and apartments were incredibly quaint and I thought it might be nice to live there. Or maybe not.

Can a tourist town ever really feel like it’s your own?


8 responses to “A Step Back in Time: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

  1. I wonder how many films have been shot there? Beautiful town. I think as far as living in a tourist town it would depend on the town. Thanks for sharing!

    • It would be a picturesque setting for a movie. And a very liveable space I think, since the tourists mostly stick to the main street. But driving there is a nightmare. Tiny, narrow, winding streets.

  2. I could see where the “fairy tale” description came from. And I could also see the attraction of living in such a beautiful, quaint town. The language barrier, though, would stop me in my tracks. I know you both speak and understand German… a definite plus!

  3. I imagine most people these days welcome visitors to their home town/city. The days are gone when people were clannish and treated outsiders with suspicion. Of course some places are suffering a little (Venice) and that needs to be handled properly.

    I’m old enough to recall the halcyon days of tourism here. Many Jersey people quietly resented visitors whilst grudgingly admitting that they brought a measure of prosperity to the Island.

    • Maybe part of it depends on what type of tourist is being attracted? Those drawn to history and culture probably act more respectfully than those visiting a tourist attraction town like a beach town. Or, maybe not.

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