File This Fact Away

I know. I was as surprised as you are that on a cold, blustery winter day in Vermont, I was the only person who braved the windchill to pose with the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet. I did it as quickly as possible. It was REALLY cold.

I was actually surprised that there was no placard around that explained why this tower was erected. I think I read somewhere that it’s 38-feet high. It’s in Burlington. On Pine Street. Other than that, I can’t tell you anything about it.

But I CAN tell you about other filing cabinets. I actually have a filing cabinet story.

Close your eyes and go back in time with me to a beautiful, bright Tuesday morning in September, 2001. 9/11. You’ve heard or watched those planes plunge into the Twin Towers. You’ve watched the billowing smoke explode from the buildings before they collapsed into the ground. But you probably don’t have much of an image in your head of the other area attacked that day: The Pentagon.

So imagine this scene: a section of the Pentagon destroyed, classified papers and top secret documents blown from their vaults. Papers drifting through the air; wind scattering classified information across the lawn, parking lots, and God only knows where else. Officials scurried to collect the flying bits of papers. The area was secured while permissioned people put the chaos into order. Because when the plane hit the Pentagon, most of the filing cabinets exploded and released their secrets. In fact, I believe all of them did except for the ones designed and made by my father. His filing cabinets were a little dented and misshapen, but they held firm. His government security furniture withstood the attack. I believe that later they had to be opened with the jaws of life.

Impressive, no? Those filing cabinets aren’t the ones stacked and spray-painted on a piece of concrete in Burlington, Vermont, but perhaps they should be…

Filing cabinets just got a whole lot more interesting, didn’t they? πŸ˜‰


20 responses to “File This Fact Away

  1. That’s kind of cool. Had no idea it was there. Makes you wonder why?

    Curious what brand of filing cabinets your dad made?

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You struck my funny bone when you said, “World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet.” Ha! Who would ever think to make such a thing? And I wonder what’s in the drawers? πŸ™‚

    Fascinating story about your father. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I did not know that fact about the files in the Pentagon! Good for him and for the Government!

  4. I’ve also got a bit of a thing for taking photos with the “biggest” of everything. I recently made the girlfriend drive 20 miles each way out of our way in Kansas to actually go find the biggest ball of twine in the US. Too fun!

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