Butter Coffee

When I visited a friend in Burlington, Vermont, the first place he took me was to a farm set off a muddy road that he’d been curious about for a while. Apparently in the summer, hundreds of cars line the road and people picnic out on the grass, waiting hours to get freshly-made hamburgers on Hamburger Fridays.


My mouth was watering at the thought of a burger, but Corinne, the charming young woman working behind the counter, sadly explained that they won’t start Hamburger Fridays until May.

That didn’t matter anymore because as she talked about the 600 people that showed up on three consecutive Fridays last year, my eyes had landed on the menu above her and hovered on two words: Butter Coffee.


Corinne explained the health benefits of Butter Coffee (sometimes called Bulletproof). It is a blended drink using organic coffee and golden butter, unsalted and grass-fed, fresh from their farm. By adding a dollop of butter into the blender with the brewed coffee and MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides comprised of healthy coconut oils) and emulsifying the mixture, it stabilizes the triglycerides in the blood system, and is thought to help aid weight loss and regulating blood-sugar levels. By adding the butter, too, it enhances the perk-me-up benefits of the coffee without the shakiness that comes with too much caffeine.

That all sounds great, but I’ll be honest. I just wanted to know what it tasted like. To me, it tastes much like coffee dolloped with heavy cream, which I’m partial to anyway.


While Corinne explained the process to me, my friend grabbed a jar of raw milk from the refrigerator. Corinne said that we were in luck; most of the raw milk had already been pre-ordered and they often didn’t have extra jars for purchase, but today was our lucky day.

So we sat down at one of two small wooden tables and drank raw milk and butter coffee while we nibbled on a slice of pumpkin chocolate-chip bread and listened to Corinne tell us more about Bread & Butter’s farm-to-table movement and other places to see in Vermont.

We could have stayed there all day. It was homey and friendly and we enjoyed chatting with Corinne so much that we wished she could have come exploring with us all day. I am still curious to learn what the fuss about the hamburgers is all about. I may have to make my way back there this summer. But Corrine had mentioned other places to see and we had sight-seeing to do. So we left Bread & Butter with the rest of our raw milk and headed down the road.

Have you joined the organic, farm-to-table movement?



14 responses to “Butter Coffee

  1. As I’ve been reading Paleo sites and gathering recipes, I’ve come across the recommendation for Butter Coffee often. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure I will. …pumpkin chocolate-chip bread…yum!

    • I heard about the Paleo diets, too. Corinne was very knowledgeable on different food and farm movements. Fascinating to talk with, especially in a place that embodied the farm-to-table life.

  2. Sounds delicious, and I wouldn’t have guessed that for a mixture of coffee and butter. But I have a philosophy that most things taste better with butter. 🙂 –Curt

  3. What a great little place. Personally I’d avoid the burgers and the crowds but those quirky natural foods sound brilliant, especially the butter coffee.

    • I’m not a fan of big crowds, but I really want to see what all the fuss is about. If people will wait for over an hour for a burger at a farm, it seems like it’s something I *need* to try.

  4. Very interesting!! I grew up drinking raw milk from a nearby farm. We brought our own big, metal containers and the farmer milked the cows right then and there! We knew no other way to get milk.

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