Happy Grilled Cheese & BLT Month!

I was invited to write a post about April being Grilled Cheese & BLT Month, and was encouraged to make up a new flavor combo. I thought about it and asked my cheese-loving daughter-in-law what she thought about a Buffalo Blue Cheese sandwich. She simply replied “Eww!” But I thought it sounded good.

I was wrong. Blue cheese doesn’t really melt well.

So I mixed and matched a couple of ingredients in my fridge and came up with Mild Cheddar with Sriracha Mustard Grilled Cheese on Klosterman bread (a specialty bread company in the area).


It was superb.

I’m glad I discovered this on the first day of Grilled Cheese & BLT Month. I have 29 more days to celebrate!

What tasty twist can you come up with?


2 responses to “Happy Grilled Cheese & BLT Month!

  1. Juliann, there’s nothing like a good grilled cheese sandwich, and your’s sounds wonderful. I added a few thin slices of grilled bell peppers to mine, and it was very tasty. And how about a bit of pimento or beer cheese mixed into the normal cheddar mixture? You can probably tell it’s getting close to dinner time here. ~James

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