This Postcard Really Pops!


Ever since I told my Belgian friend Erna that I collect postcards, she has been sweet enough to send them to me on her travels. And she travels A LOT!! Puts me to shame. But the best part about her extensive travels is that she tells me places she thinks I’d love and others that didn’t impress her so much.

So when she sent me this champagne cork-shaped postcard from the Champagne region of France and said it’s fantastic there, all I could do was sigh and add it to my never-ending list of places to see.

What other fun-shaped postcards would reflect their locale?


6 responses to “This Postcard Really Pops!

  1. I was commenting the other day on how postcards have become rare. Peggy likes to send them to our grandchildren so they can get something handwritten. And yes, your postcard did “pop out.” 🙂 –Curt

  2. I was at a hot spring in Taiwan once, and the gift shop sold postcards that were made out of the thinnest wood I’d ever seen, complete with graphics that looked like they were essentially burned onto the wood. I contemplated sending one to a friend but was afraid it might get damaged going through the international mail process. In any case, unusual postcards are awesome and this one you have certainly pops!

    • Thanks! I actually have a wooden one, but I didn’t send it through the mail. Wasn’t sure how pistagewoyld work or if I could even write on it. I have a metal copper one, too. So unusual.

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