Peruvian Proteins

Beef heart skewers. Alpaca. Guinea pig. I tried them all.


Beef heart skewers, aka Anticuchos. A traditional food that was originally fed to slaves as the leftover parts of the cattle. Tasted much like regular beef, though the consistency was a little different. The seasonings were fantastic Delicious!


Guinea pig, aka Cuy. You can order this dish served as a whole guinea pig, or a portion. I got the portion-size, atop quinoa. The cuy was crispy and tender. A little Haney. A little greasy. The closest taste I can compare it to is rabbit.


Alpaca skewers. These were tasty and served with a light salsa. Yum!





10 responses to “Peruvian Proteins

  1. My mother fed us our share of beef heart when I was growing up, Juliann. Tasty. A couple of years ago, I ate some bear heart. Even tastier. 🙂 I’ve yet to try guinea pigs or alpaca, but my brother and I regularly added grey squirrels and frog legs to our larder. Good stuff. (grin) –Curt

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