Huntsville Haiku

Like the Cincinnati Mural Project, Huntsville has turned to its youth to revitalize the city through arts. In Cincinnati, teenagers are hired and trained to create murals to beautify the city alongside an experienced artist. It has transformed some tired areas of Cincinnati and turned them into expressions of art.

When I took a walk near Big Spring Park and the downtown district of Huntsville, I noticed words painted onto the city steps. Interesting, provocative reflections on the city. Haikus. Written by 8th graders who found a way to incorporate creative artisty and city growth. Haikus were simply their medium.

It’s amazing what Millennials are coming up with when given the task to create and transform. Sometimes modern, other times traditional.  We’re getting a glimpse of how how the future generation sees the world. I, for one, find it an exciting time.

My haiku to Huntsville:

A future day – Mars

Full of man’s potential,

Witnessed on these stairs.

How do these city beautification/revitalization projects make you feel?


16 responses to “Huntsville Haiku

  1. I love haikus and yours is perfect for Huntsville! What a great way to showcase young talent and beautifu the city at the same time!

  2. I love poetry, and to see this visual way the city of Huntsville has brought this into their landscape — well, I was impressed with the city on my visit in May, but this makes me like them even more :).

  3. I’m all for allowing our young people the scope to take more responsibility for their world generally. Our generation has made a pig’s ear of it. And urban art is one way in which their influence can show. We need their energy and ideas.

    In the last few hours we’ve seen in the UK how recruitment of the younger vote can change the political landscape. Long may it continue.

  4. I love the idea of passing a sense of ownership for the town and park to the youth in the neighborhood. These kids are the ones most likely to abuse the parks and put up graffiti. By using their creativity as a positive force, they are now dedicated to the park and the city. Huntsville does so many things right. Love that city.

  5. I’ve never seen art like this! The haiku on the staircases provides a great way for youth to express their creativity, and for us to see how they view their city!

  6. Wow that’s so creative! I really love how they allowed teenagers to create art and express their thoughts!

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