Lakefront Brewery – A Laugh a Minute

Walk into Lakefront Brewery and pay $10 for their tour. In exchange, you get a plastic cup, four tokens, a wristband, and a tour of the brewery. But what you’re really paying for is four cups of delicious brews and a lot of laughter as you walk past the brewing equipment.

Josh, our “Brewery Navigation Specialist,” had the group laughing right off the bat. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that we all had full glasses of beer as we started, then raised our cups and cheered several times in the small tap area where Josh explained something along the lines of how beer is brewed. None of us were there to learn beer-making. We were there for fun, and beer, and Josh made sure that we got plenty of both.

Before we left that room, he made sure we all had our glasses refilled before he took us downstairs to the vats and bottling machinery. We learned that Lakefront Brewery owner, brothers Russ and Jim Klisch, embraced Milwaukee’s rich beer heritage in many ways. They chose an old power plant for their brewery. They bought equipment from other prominent Milwaukee breweries, including the conveyor belt that is shown in the opening credits of Laverne & Shirley. You know the scene where Laverne puts her work glove over the mouth of a bottle as it glides past the two tired working girls? Well, that machine is at Lakefront Brewery now.

So, it was only logical that we all raised a glass to the picture of Laverne & Shirley tacked to the wall and sing the show’s theme song.

We did get to see a keg, a bung, and a mallet that Josh used to pretend that he was hitting a bung (a wooden disc) into the bunghole (the hole in the keg). It was all very funny as we stood in the basement of a brewery drinking beer with Josh.

We continued laughing all the way to the end, where we were given one more drink token and a chance to sit outside along the river enjoying our brew, or go back inside to the Beer Hall atmosphere. You know me — I did both. And I enjoyed the beers just as much as I enjoyed the tour.

Out of curiosity, would you have been able to sing the Laverne & Shirley theme song?

24 responses to “Lakefront Brewery – A Laugh a Minute

  1. Yes, I could still, maybe . . . sing the Laverne and Shirley theme song. I was a little kid when that show started. The brewery tour sounds like it was fun — definitely worth the price!

    • Definitely worth the price! I forgot to mention that you turn your sample glass in at the end and get a pint glass to take home. I don’t know if they even make any money on these tours!

  2. I don’t think we were mature enough for the Bung Hole Borer at Jack Daniels. Some tools aren’t meant to be taken out in public. I am pretty sure that I could sing the entire theme song to Lavern and Shirley but I am not 100% sure about which one is Lenny and which one is Squiggy. I also get Lavern and Shirley memories confused with Cagney and Lacey. Either cross over is bad. Either you have factory girls solving murders or hard nose cops shooting up a brewery. No bueno.

    • Haha! Trust that we weren’t mature enough for the bung hole references, either. We did, however, enthusiastically sing the Laverne Shirley theme song. Inhibitions came down quickly on this tour. 🙂

  3. This is so cute! I think the lyrics involve something about doing it our way and making our dreams come true? Am I close? I love bars that embrace their history, you always find the best places!

  4. I love food and drink tours, it is a great way to get to know local peeps and local products. It’s my favorite way to learn more about an area I’m visiting. The price is great too. I don’t know the [correct] words to Laverne and Shirley, but I loved that show growing up!

    • It was my favorite show. My best friend and I wanted to get a basement apartment just like they had. I was hoping to find some Laverne & Shirley references on my visit to Milwaukee and this was it.

  5. I love going on brewery tours! It is fascinating to learn the history and what makes each of them unique. Glad to hear you got a funny guide to make your experience memorable!

  6. How big are the cups? I don’t know Laverne & Shirley but it would’ve been fun anyway because of the good guide and beer. Gotta love brewery tours!

  7. I HAVE to visit this brewery!! I love how Josh is called a “Brewery Navigation Specialist” 🙂 Milwaukee is one of the few beer cities I haven’t visited yet, but I will definitely put Lakefront on my list when I go!!

  8. Never heard of Laverne & Shirley. I am however so impressed generally with the commitment and proliferation of US craft brewers, long the home of tasteless fizz. That tour sounds brilliant.

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