Drink Wisconsibly!


While I was in Chicago, I saw a man wearing a baseball cap. Across the back of it were the words Drink Wisconsibly! I thought it was a cute play on words and took it as a lifestyle statement about a state so renowned for beer and cheese that “Drink Wisconsinbly” couldย  be a tagline.


But it wasn’t just a tagline. It was a restaurant/pub! My invaluable contact at VisitMKE suggested Drink Wisconsibly as a great place to go for a Fish Fry Friday night. So I did. And quickly learned that Drink Wisconsibly’s signature drink is an old-fashioned — not a beer! So, when in Wisconsin…


I’m not fool. I know that following local tradition is the smartest thing to do when I travel. So I ordered fish and fried cheese curds, and an old-fashioned, though it still seemed like I should be ordering a beer.

Then the garage door went up, and we were suddenly dining inside & outside. I noticed that many restaurants and bars were set up this way; with garage doors that open in the summer and fireplaces that warm things up in the winter.


Several bars/restaurants in Milwaukee opened up a garage door to create an indoor/outdoor experience.

I happily sipped my old-fashioned in between bites of deep-fried cheese curds that were an instant addiction. Forget beer or old-fashioned’s. I’d live on cheese curds!


Mmmm! Beer-batter dipped cheese curds.

Which made me almost too full to enjoy my fish. But I gave in to the over-indulgence and proceeded to ‘Drink Wisconsibly’ and only indulge in one old-fashioned that accompanied all the fantastic food I inhaled!

How would you interpret ‘Drink Wisconsibly?’



25 responses to “Drink Wisconsibly!

  1. Wow, you had me at cheese curds, those with a good beer and I’m all yours! Looks like a great spot. I love discovering random cool things. Last year when we were in the dead of the Salton Sea in the California desert I found a cool sticker that said “Live a Great Story” which I absolutely fell in love with. Turns out its a cool little company that gives back to charities and now I hve Live A Great Story stickers on my phone, laptop, etc.!

  2. Haha drink wisconsibly is a cute play on words and really a clever way to make people remember the restaurant! Those deep-fried cheese curds looks yum! Now I want to try making them at home!

    • If you make them, let me know how they turn out! I bought a package of cheese curds and the batter mix for my daughter-in-law as I left Wisconsin. Hopefully she’ll invite me over when she makes them.

  3. Haha, that is a cute play on words! The fried cheese curds sound delicious – would definitely try them. Does seem like you should accompany that with beer, but when in Rome…or Wisconsin. Ha.

  4. What a cute play on words! And deep fried cheese curds?? I would die happy after that haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Drink Wisconsibly is such a cute saying! My ex is from Wisconsin and I really liked it there – I’d love to go back! I didn’t realize Old Fashioneds were a Wisconsin thing – I’d definitely try that but one might be my limit too haha

  6. Drink Wisconsibly — I love it! Milwaukee is high on my list of places to visit for their craft beer scene, but those cheese curds look tasty too. Actually, it’s lunch time, maybe I should get some cheese… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I liked Drink Wisconsinibly the minute I saw your title ๐Ÿ™‚ — great play on words, and what a fun name for a restaurant. And yes, following the local tradition is always the way to go. The fried cheese curds look yummy as does the old fashioned!

  8. Great little bit. I know many a beer drinker, being from Wisconsin. Old fashions are good too. If you’re thinking about hanging in or about the area, give my blog a try. No bars, just quaint attractions and museums.

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