Kringles Aren’t Just for Christmas

I’d heard that Kringles were a staple of Wisconsin life. The same way cheese and beer are associated with the state. Except — we all know about beer and cheese. You have to actually go to Wisconsin to discover Kringles.


I posted this picture on Instagram and asked if anyone knew what they were. A friend I made in Montgomery replied back almost immediately:

skyeshermanOMG Kringle pastries!!! My mom used to order those every Christmas!

Which struck me as funny since I had already immediately associated the word kringle with Christmas, anyway. It surprised me, too, because my friend lives in Florida — which seems so far removed from the idea of Wisconsin pastries at Christmastime.


Kringles are pretty standard in Wisconsin bakeries, but Emily, my VISIT Milwaukee guide, suggested I stop at O&H Bakery in Racine. They’re famous for their Kringle.

There was an entire rack of Kringles in front of the bakery counter. So many flavors!


Lemon, Cherry, Cinnamon, Summer Shandy, Key Lime, Raspberry, Apple, etc., etc.. My daughter and I each picked out a flavor and took our waxed-paper-wrapped goodies on the road to Cincinnati. Where we tasted a little bit of heaven a few hours later.

On the back of the package, it says you can have Kringles delivered by mail. Ah! Just like my Boca Raton friend’s family do at Christmas. And now I’ll have some delivered, too. Kringles at Christmas. Just like it should be.

Have you ever eaten Kringle?




6 responses to “Kringles Aren’t Just for Christmas

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! πŸ™‚

    My family always ordered them by mail. I’m not sure where the tradition started, because we have no connection to Wisconsin that I know of! I have Michigan family and my dad did a brief stint in Minnesota, but nothing in Wisconsin. Odd!

    Oh, and I had quite the pleasant surprise recently when I came across Kringle pastries being sold in TRADER JOE’S! In Los Angeles! In June! Of all the places and times… I think it was this exact brand/bakery being sold in-store, too. I guess these magical rings get around!

    • Wow! Kringles really AREN’T for Christmas anymore! Trader Joe’s? That’s crazy. I wouldn’t have expected to find them there, but it’s great to know — and much closer than driving to Milwaukee when I need a fix. πŸ™‚

    • Haha. Thank you, Roy! I feel like they find me! But I try to compensate with exercise. I never really do, though, fully. But I’m not going to skip the small treasures life has to offer. πŸ™‚

  2. Trust the Danish to come up with yet another pastry to add to our waistlines. I also saw Skye’s comment about them being sold in Trader Joe’s so I know what I’ll be looking for when I pick up my groceries this weekend! πŸ˜‰

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