Milwaukee’s Best: The Art Museum

My daughter and I loved our brief trip to Milwaukee, and we both chose one spot as our favorite stop on the trip:

The Milwaukee Art Museum

Art museum architecture-Milwaukee

Art museum architecture-Milwaukee

I like art museums, but rarely stop in them unless I have oodles of time, which I didn’t in Milwaukee. But I’d heard that the “wings” on the outside of the building open and close with the building’s opening & closing, and that the whole display is done at noon. In essence, the building is a work of art. I wanted to see that, so we decided to pop in and see the art inside, too.

Art museum architecture-Milwaukee

Interior architecture overlooking the Lake

We were just in time for the free (with admission) hour-long tours offered by volunteer docents. Ours was an older gentleman who I feared would talk laboriously about dates and time periods. What an awful thing to assume! Instead, he made every exhibit fascinating and showed us details about the works that we would have missed on our own.

Art museum exhibit-Milwaukee

Floating art

I’m not going to tell the stories of these pieces of art. You should go and hear about those yourself. Instead, I’ll share some of the many, many, many pieces of work that we admired until we ran out of time.

Sadly, I bid adieu to Milwaukee with this post. But there’s more to see there. I’d like to thank VisitMKE for putting together such a fantastic itinerary!  I’ll definitely be back!

Woman in Yellow-Milwaukee Art Museum

Woman in Yellow-Milwaukee Art Museum

Do you have a favorite art museum?


12 responses to “Milwaukee’s Best: The Art Museum

    • Normally, I wouldn’t, Curt. Really. But he seemed so monotone before we started through the museum that my daughter and I worried about what we’d gotten ourselves into. And were VERY happy that he was so interesting.

  1. Looks great. Couldn’t agree more about the value of a good guide, no matter how independent one might prefer to be.

    I love art galleries & museums though I know little of art. Birmingham (England) has a free municipal art gallery, a huge Victorian place that I frequented when younger, more than 50 years ago. I gather not much has changed there though they might have moved a little with the times by now.

  2. Love those hanging pieces of rock from the White Cliffs of Dover! The SFMoma in San Francisco is great, and they always have a roster of interesting exhibits. The Corning Museum of Glass in New York is also super cool! There’s a giant bowl of fruit made completely of glass that I was obsessed with when I visited. 🙂

  3. Hey, those are my old stomping grounds! We were just visiting family there a couple of weeks ago—hadn’t been back since we moved out here to Portland. I wasn’t a runner when we were living there, so I enjoyed a nice run by the museum and waterfront on the trip. It was awesome to cover all that ground. We had 60 degree, sunny weather too, so that helped. 😉

    Glad you had fun…it’s an underrated city and the museum is always gorgeous and changes with the mood of Lake Michigan. I went to Yoga at the Museum on a January morning one year. Needless to say, it was an epic experience.

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