Ce La Vi

You’re going to see one breathtaking view after another if you venture to Singapore. But here’s one of the must-see’s in my book: the skyline view from Ce La Vi, the rooftop bar atop Marina Bay Sands Hotel.



The bar itself (formerly Ku De Ta), is on the 57th floor of this building and you have to get a pass and go through security to go up if you’re not a hotel guest. Ce La Vi is a thumping, techno city nightspot that has a crowd any night of the week.

Drinks are expensive; about $25 each. But the view seems worth it. At least, to me.


Know any other rooftop bars you’d recommend?


17 responses to “Ce La Vi

  1. I love rooftop bars or restaurants, you get two pleasures in one! I don’t think I want to go there in the middle of summer in Singapore, but other than that, I’m game. There is a great rooftop bar in Paris – Le Perchoir Marais.

  2. Ce la view indeed. Beautiful pictures of an amazing bar.

    We did a rooftop bar in Bangkok and it was amazing. On one side, we had Wat Arun Temple (under repair unfortunately) and on the other amazing Bangkok views. We watched riverboats pass by and drank flaming cocktails. What an amazing evening.

  3. Wow i thought only the pool at Marina Bay Sands was amazing, had no idea they had a rooftop bar too. Adding this to the list for when we visit Singapore again!

  4. That roof top bar is epic! I remember being there last time (long time ago though). The view was gorgeous up there – day and night! The $25 cocktail is expensive but it was totally worth it!

  5. There are so many lights in Singapore! It’s hard to tell where the sky ends and city begins. Your views were breathtaking!

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