Cutest Coffee Shop Ever.

In fact, you could write that on a post-it and add it to the wall.


The servers/baristas at this quirky little coffee shop on the road along Hoan Kiem Lake bring you a basket with your choice of post-its and pens to choose from so that you can add a little message to the rest of the world while you’re there.


I loved it! I wish I’d discovered it my first morning in Vietnam. I would have gone back there again and again. It was almost as good as being in a cozy coffee shop/library to me. I loved the ambiance there. Fits perfectly with Where’s My Backpack’s ‘cozy’ theme this week.


When my server brought my egg coffee upstairs, he explained how they make their egg coffee there, which is different than egg coffee other places that make theirs like a meringue and told me where I could find it if I wanted to try it. Then he asked me about my trip and made other suggestions on things I might look for.


He was so incredibly friendly, just like everyone else I met in Vietnam. I think they are some of the friendliest people in the world. It made The Note Cafe even more inviting. I loved the colorful pastel clutter of post-its. I loved perusing the messages and the nationalities represented. I enjoyed listening to music like the Begin Again soundtrack, Norah Jones, and other coffee-esque music while I stared off the balcony and sipped my egg coffee.


It was a place that I would frequent every morning if I could. One of my favorite spots in Hanoi, I think.

Does this place seem cozy, or cluttered to you?


17 responses to “Cutest Coffee Shop Ever.

    • There’s even a bookshelf of books to take & leave. I’m completely sold on this place. But when my son saw the pictures, all he could see was clutter. I wanted to drag him up to his old room for a more chaotic notion of clutter, but didn’t. I’m nice like that.

  1. i guess people have different standards of clutterdness. I’ve seen a similar concept in Thailand the name’s PaperButter– it’s a cute hamburger joint in BKK and the sticky notes are in one corner only .. so yeah that was nice for me.

    • I can easily see how this would seem way too cluttered for most people. I’m not sure why I like busy patterns and chaos on the walls. I think it makes me feel like I’m in a cozy place, like a cat.

      PaperButter sounds very cute! I’ll have to stop there if I’m ever in Thailand again.

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