Bubba’s Chikin & Thangs


Seriously. How could anyone resist finding out what “thangs” Bubba served up with chikin?

I’m kidding. This is the kind of place you’d probably drive by, but secretly wonder about. We spotted this on the back roads of Virginia five miles from the house where we stayed. We probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought except that we were REALLY hungry. And it was the only place we’d passed.

My daughter looked it up online and discovered that it had a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating and that people had commented on how good the chicken was and that the place was very clean. We decided we had nothing to lose, so we headed back to Bubba’s for dinner and had the best friend chicken I think we’ve ever had!


As promised, the chicken was superb, the restaurant was clean, and we met the nicest people working there and struck up a conversation with them that night AND during our last night’s dinner there, too.


So, what kind of “thangs” did Bubba’s have besides chikin? Green beans, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, homemade fruit cobblers, and more. Stop by if you’re feeling plucky  in Disputanta, Virginia.  And eat a piece of chicken for me!


Or can you recommend another hole-in-the-wall establishment that you’d give 4.8 stars?


6 responses to “Bubba’s Chikin & Thangs

  1. Our son-in-law specializes in hole-in-the wall places, Juliann. So, whenever we visit our daughter and family we are bound to end up in at least one. Two weeks ago found me eating chicken feet in Charlotte, NC. I guess that’s a type of fried chicken. 🙂 –Curt

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