I’m Putting Segovia, Spain on the Map


My daughter and I had the opportunity to take a day excursion to Segovia, Spain, but to be honest — I wasn’t sure I wanted to. The description promoted a chance to see Roman aqueducts and a castle. Not really that appealing to me, but we didn’t have any other plans, so we went… and discovered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain!

The Roman Aqueducts.

I imagined seeing an old, crumbling groove running down a hill. What I saw instead was this:

I didn’t see the water at all, since the aqueduct was so magnificently high. And still functioning! How incredible is that?!

I was seriously impressed by the aqueducts, but still had little interest in visiting another old castle in Europe. Until I saw this:


I felt like I was on the set of a movie most of the time. This turreted walkway reminded me of the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and crew are trying to evade the guards in the witches’ tower.


The interior was everything I could have imagined and more: knights, ornate tapestries and stained glass windows, gold-gilted frames on masterpiece after masterpiece.

And all with a view of this countryside:


Segovia, Spain. If it hasn’t already hit your radar, be sure to put it on your map.

What would draw you there?





9 responses to “I’m Putting Segovia, Spain on the Map

  1. What an idyllic view of the Spanish countryside, with the Romanesque church in the foreground and the road winding up the hill. The aqueduct is absolutely extraordinary — so well-preserved. I’m glad you went to explore Segovia, and shared with the rest of us.

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