A Paradise Called Peniscola

A seaside resort in Spain. I think that’s all I need to say for you to conjure up a little piece of paradise that we can refer to here as Peniscola.


The beach itself is the epitome of a seaside resort. There are water sport activities, cafes, and gift shops.


The sand and water are a summertime playground, and the town situated on a rock off the coast is a beautiful vista for sunbathers.


The town itself is a quaint maze of steep, cobbled streets and a 13th-century castle with panoramic views of the coast and Artillery Park, full of lavender and olive trees. What caught my eye was all the little attention to detail, like these artistic tiles decorating the bottoms of the balconies. It’s something an artist would do. I’d never think of this myself.


Peniscola is located near Valencia, about two hours south of Barcelona. It’s definitely the place I’d choose for a beach getaway in Spain.

Do you have a favorite beach resort town?


20 responses to “A Paradise Called Peniscola

  1. I love this little seaside Spanish resort town. The water combined with the architecture and those cute, colorful slides make it look like a great place for fun and relaxation! Had no idea it was only two hours south of Barcelona! I love Barcelona and that’s not far at all!

  2. Tbh when I first saw the title I assumed it was about the one in Florida! I didn’t realize there is one (most likely the original!) in Spain too…even though I have been to Barcelona so many times! Sounds like a great trip from Barca. Anything by the Spanish seaside is fab!!!

  3. I love artistic tiles, and agree I wouldn’t think of the tiles as going UNDERNEATH the balcony. The castle is what sold me on this destination though. I love history and am really impressed that even though it is from the 13th century, it is till holding up sooooo well!!! Even if it didn’t have much history, lavender is my favorite.

  4. I love the beaches in Spain! Peniscola seems like one that many locals go for watersports and to enjoy the sun. It is so close to Barcelona too! I will need to check that out next time I’m in Spain 🙂

  5. I love a beach paradise…ahaha possibly part of the reason I travel! I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to lay by a beach with a CASTLE right beside me. Like what a view to have, that is really sweet. I would love to go

  6. Ahhh, beach paradise! As the summer draws to a close, there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Peniscola looks like a spot we’ll have to add on to our itinerary for our summer 2019 Spain trip! 🙂

  7. I suppose living yards from the beach makes me a bit blasé. I think I prefer the wild, vast beaches which don’t have the climate or infrastructure to become a resort. Inch Beach in Kerry, Ireland is my favourite amongst those.

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