So Much to See in Seville!

Flamenco. Bullfighting. The Plaza de Espana & Plaza de Americas. The Mushroom… There is so much to see and do in Seville. You need to set aside a few days to really experience it all.


The Birthplace of Flamenco

I’ve already shared my experience watching flamenco in Seville. It was simply incredible! You’ll see advertisements for many places offering  an evening flamenco dinner show. I’m sure you probably can’t go wrong. The dance is beautiful! If you’re thinking of partaking in a flamenco experience, you might start researching here.

IMG_6244 (1)


The Bullring


Or, you may opt for a bullfight. The bullring in Seville is impressive. I know, because I walked out into the ring during my visit to the museum housed there.



Plaza des Americas & Plaza de Espana

I was amazed by the beauty of the Plaza de Espana. It was built for the 1929 World’s Fair, but then the Stock Market crashed and people weren’t interested in traveling to a World’s Fair. Too bad. This plaza was absolutely stunning.

The Plaza des Americas was nothing to scoff at, either, though it did not compare with the majesty of Plaza de Espana.


The Mushroom (or Metropol Parasol)

This oddly enchanting structure is the largest wooden structure in the world, comprised of six “parasols” in the form of giant mushrooms. Metropol Parasol is organized in four levels: The underground level (Level 0) houses the Antiquarium, where Roman and Moorish remains are displayed in a museum.  Street level (Level 1) is the Central Market, where we spent our time. The roof of Level 1 is the surface of the open-air public plaza, shaded by the wooden parasols above and designed for public events. Levels 2 and 3 are house panoramic walking paths, a bar, and a restaurant.


I’m sure there are parts of Seville I missed, and would love to hear about them here, because I hope to go back.

Have you been to Seville? What did I miss?



20 responses to “So Much to See in Seville!

  1. That is one impressive wooden structure, Juliann! Looks like it would be worth a stop off in Seville just to see it. Flamenco dances, yes! Not so sure about bull fights. I’d probably root for the bull. 🙂 –Curt

  2. All of your pics deserve to be in a travel mag. I fell in love with the wooden structure, but it is all inviting. Would LOVE to see the flamenco dancing!

  3. I want to go to Seville purely to see the mushroom! I feel like I have been seeing it all over Instagram lately. It’s so nice to learn a bit about it from your blog post, though, and that there is actually so much more to it than the unique roof!

  4. We’re visiting Seville next summer, so your post is perfect! I definitely want to see a flamenco show while we’re there. I’d never heard of the Mushroom before, let alone the fact that it’s the largest wooden structure in the world. The architecture is stunning, though, and we’ll have to stop by!

  5. I know there is always sensitivity around bullfighting in Spain. I am sensitive the animals rights issue but I find the art of it to be fascinating and beautiful. I have very fond memories of watching them in Madrid when I lived there with my family.

  6. Oh, I love Spain! I am so sad that we only visited for a week last year. Even though I have never been to Seville yet, I can see that it has everything we are looking for in a destination. Architecture, art (dance), and culture. I can’t wait to plan a trip there!

  7. I really want to visit Seville. I have a gal who just moved in with me who is from Spain, I need to ask her she can teach me the Flamanco. I don’t know if I could watch the bullfighting, but could definitely get lost in this city.

  8. I have never been to Seville, it looks awesome! I love dance, and can only appreciate the complexity that is flamenco. Very cool. Now sure how I feel about the bull fighting things via animal rights, I do however thing that those plazas look INSANELY beautiful. So photogenic!

  9. I’ve not seen that mushroom structure but now it’s on my list! That is some seriously amazing architecture! The flamenco dancing also seems really intriguing – I’ve not seen it before but have always wanted to.

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