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I’ll give you a minute to watch this video of my 73-year-old mother and then I’ll tell you how the rest of the zip-lining excursion went.

It was fantastic! There was a lot of laughter, and a lot of climbing (something I didn’t think about before taking my mother). Most of all, lots of adventure.

My mother and I were in the hands of ‘Merica Matt and Jazzy Jes. These two twentysomethings were pros all the way. They checked and double-checked, and triple-checked every latch and belt of our harness as we moved from tree to tree on rope bridges, and secured ourselves to the lines on each platform. Even standing high up in the canopy of trees on small wooden platforms, we felt safe with them as our “handlers.” It was a statement on life, really. Here we were: two grown woman putting our lives in the hands of these two Millennials — who are both military vets, by the way. It was a reminder to me that there is great hope for our future.

But back to the zip-lining.

This was my second experience. I’d zip-lined once before in Jamaica, but my mother had never even dreamed of zip-lining. It took her a few lines before she started to really relax into it. But by the time we were on our second half of the course, she was leaning back and even letting go. She says she wished she’d known that she could do that sooner.

Her tip: Lean back instead of trying to stay perfectly upright, and let yourself go.

By the time we finished, we were exhausted in the most exhilarating way. Part of that may have been due to the buoyancy we felt after we took off the heavy harnesses we’d worn. Part of it, too, was the sheer joy of having our feet on the ground again. We were hungry. And ready for wine. Luckily, there are plenty of wineries in Geneva, Ohio. I’ll write about those next.

Have you been zip-lining? Doesn’t that video of my mom make you want to? 🙂


** Special thanks to Lake Erie Canopy Tours for hosting us on this sail through the trees. It was awesome!



27 responses to “Lake Erie Canopy Tours

  1. Brilliant that you took your mother on this adventure. I loved zip-lining in the redwood forests of California and your video makes me want to do it again, this time over a lake.

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  3. I have been following your Geneva content and telling Jenn we need to go next summer. We’re big ropes course fans and this looks like a lot of fun. I love how much shade is on the course.

  4. Straight up impressed with your mom. Go MOM! That’s really cool…my mom would’ve ziplined a few years back and she *might* now but I doubt it and she’s not 70 yet so give your mom props! Hey doesn’t it take everyone a few zips before they ease into it? It did me and I absolutely loved it from my first jump. There’s just something about getting used to it I think. I agree with leaning back and relaxing. But the last two times I’ve zipped, I’ve had to be upright with one hand up on the line to be my own brake. I don’t like that as much as my first several zipline experiences where I could just relax and I land or get caught on the other side. Have you ever encountered this?

    • I have not had to brake myself on my ziplining experiences yet. If that had been the case at Lake Erie Canopy Tours, I would not have taken my mother. I was so glad we had such fun, trustworthy helpers on our excursion. It made everything much more enjoyable.

  5. Your mom was so cute! I love that she just had a grin splitting her face from ear to ear when she unsuspectingly started to traverse the zipline. That was the best reaction! It seems like it would be a really great bonding experience.

  6. I honestly can’t believe I’ve never been ziplining. I’m not even afraid – it just hasn’t happened yet. Love that your mom did this! I got my mom to go skydiving with me a couple years ago – it was fantastic!

  7. Omg your mom is a rock star!!! I work in a nursing home and honestly I can see so many of the people I work with having a field day here. Lol!!! I’m actually really excited to hear about this place because I am not located too far away… and I LOVE zip lines. I’ve never been in the states but I’ve done some pretty terrifying ones in Europe. I’d love to check this out!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Oh, I LOVED seeing your Mom zipline in the video — what a wonderful thing that the two of you got to experience this together. And, I’d have to say that I’ve never been, but watching you Mom makes me think that it’s something I’d like to try after all. Lake Erie Canopy Tours looks like a great place to get over ziplining nerves.

    • I felt perfectly safe. We learned how to do the clips and all the safeties made it seem like there was nothing at all to fear. Plus, ‘Merica Mat was always ready to stop us at the end of each zip. We didn’t have to brake ourselves. I loved it!

  9. I’ve never done and not sure I would, but I absolutely LOVE watching other people do it! So awesome that your Mom did it. Mine is one year younger than yours and I don’t think she would ever come close – fun memories to have with your Mom!

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