A Few Gems Around Geneva

Museums aside, there are plenty of things to see and do around Geneva.

The Jet d’Eau Water Fountain

Of course you MUST take a stroll around the lake and see the iconic towering cascade of water — the Jet d’Eau.  With the crystal clear blue water, the majestic swans and snow-capped mountains on the horizon, wandering along the lake is a treat.


Jet d’Eau

Swans in Lake Geneva

Swans in Lake Geneva

Swiss Fondue

You might want to stop for a Swiss culinary specialty while you’re in the lake area: fondue! Often made with Gruyere cheese from the Gruyere region, this is one meal you won’t want to miss while you’re in Switzerland!

Where to get Swiss fondue in Geneva

Swiss fondue

Swiss Watches

You can also explore horology in the downtown Geneva area. There are a multitude of watchmakers and timepiece shops. Bring your wallet!

Swiss Watches

Master of Complications

United Nations

If you venture away from the city center, you might enjoy a tour of the United Nations building, which can  be booked online. Or take a gander at the Broken Chair monument across the street from the UN building in the Place des Nations square. The chair is a reminder to the world to remember the victims of landmines, and to urge your government to promote a ban on landmines.


Broken Chair Statue

Take the trams, buses, and trains. Getting around Geneva is so easy! Explore to your heart’s content. You never know what you’ll see in Geneva. Other than beautiful sights. 🙂

how to get around Geneva

Flying over the canal

Know of any gems I’ve missed? Please share!


19 responses to “A Few Gems Around Geneva

  1. I lived behind Geneva for 3 years and loved walking around Old Town, I also loved the Manor and Globus department stores, they are wonderous!

  2. Geneva looks amazing! I’ve still never been. Although I’ve had my fair share of fondue here in Michigan 🙂

    • There are so many places in the world! But I know how you like to look back on previous travels and compare a place/experience with then & now. So maybe it IS time for another trip to Geneva. 🙂

  3. I absolutely loved Geneva. LOVED. IT. I saw everything you listed here except the flying figures near the Bel-Air tram stop. I’m not sure if we just didn’t go near that tram stop or if I just never looked up and noticed (so highly possible with me). Hope you loved Geneva too!

  4. I was in Geneva only for one day but absolutely loved it. Luckily, when we visited, they were having some kind of a festival so all the squares and parks were filled with street performers. Beautiful city to spend a few days actually.

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