Fredericksburg, Texas


Just like it sounds, Fredericksburg, Texas is rooted in German heritage. You’ll see that in the architecture, the food, and in the German bierhauses scattered along Main Street.


But Fredericksburg is also Tex-Mex, with taquieras dotting the street as well. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into some authentic Mexican tacos — nothing like the “Mexican” cuisine you get in the Midwest where Mexican food is supersized and drowning in cheese. These are the tacos I wanted: small corn tortillas loaded with various meats, cilantro, and onion. Add some spicy sauces and your mouth zings with flavor.


German food and Mexican food is on the menu at many of the restaurants around town, but don’t forget about Texas, too! Plenty of Lone Star flags remind you that you’re in a state that embraces its  statehood and all things Texan. Like the Texas Rangers. There’s a museum sharing their history in Fredericksburg, along with the National Museum of the Pacific War.


I didn’t have time to fully explore the museum because I was busy waiting in line for BBQ. They take BBQ (barbecue) seriously in Texas, ya’ll. And if you find a local place that serves nothing but, you’ll need to stand in line. Because they open at 11:00am and close when they sell out. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

And then, there are the peaches. Fredericksburg is known for its bounty of peaches and wines. But that needs a post all its own. Most notably: Das Peach Haus. That post will be next.

Have you ever been to a small town as eclectic as Fredericksburg?

5 responses to “Fredericksburg, Texas

  1. Sounds fun. If in Texas though I’ll like to see and learn a bit about the wild years before statehood. Also to visit the town of Langtry which has Jersey connections 🙂

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