Postcard from Hell

A co-worker sent me this postcard years ago. In case you can’t read it, it says: Well, I’m exactly where I’m sure a lot of my teammates have wished me. I’m in Hell!


Was that true?

No comment. Though I never told her to go to Hell. Why would I? She sent me postcards, lol.

I  visited this small pocket of Grand Cayman Island when I was there, too. There’s really not much to Hell, Grand Cayman other than some red rock formations and a post office where you can buy a postcard and send it postmarked from Hell. At the time, I sent one to my first husband with a message similar to Victoria’s. I wrote: For all those times you told me to go to Hell, well now I have. 

He loved it.

Now it’s your turn. If you were to visit Hell, who would you send a postcard to and what would it say?




4 responses to “Postcard from Hell

  1. I’d probably send it to a friend with a good sense of humor and write something like, “Hell doesn’t look as bad as it does in medieval paintings. You should try coming sometime!” 🙂

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