Colonial Williamsburg

A comedian once remarked, “Colonial Williamsburg is Disneyland for old people.”

Maybe so, though that wasn’t my experience. It was a fabricated world of people in period costume taking visitors through life during Colonial American times, most notably life in Virginia — with nary a screaming child or Mickey Mouse in sight.


Here’s what I did see:



Life inside a tavern,


And life inside the Governor’s Palace.



Women and men working their crafts: weaving, cobbling shoes, and cooking.

Maybe it was a little like Disneyland. A world set apart inside its gates; this one more grounded in 18th century history than in thrill rides. Much more my speed, for sure.


Have you visited a living-history museum like this?


7 responses to “Colonial Williamsburg

  1. Great place, we have, Kings Landing, here in New Brunswick, and The fortress of Louisburg, in Cape Breton, that are very similar. As well as many of our national historic sites in The summer, portray the time periods. I love it.

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