Austin Detours

All trips to Austin should begin with a Detour.

That is the PERFECT tagline for what Austin Detours is about!  Their concept is simple:

We’re different, because Austin is. 

A true Austin experience. Our tours are the perfect combination of headline Austin and offbeat Austin. 

That’s what I wanted: a peek into the iconic sites, and a glimpse at some of the offbeat “weirdness” that Austin known for. Ike, our tour guide, moved to Austin a while ago. He says he never thought he’d leave South Carolina, but he fell in love with Austin. And for the next two hours, he told us why as he showed us the city.


We started on Austin’s infamous 6th Street. A little like Bourbon Street and Nashville combined.


“Dirty 6th.” Colloquialism: “do the dirty”

Then we headed down Congress toward the Capitol.

IMG_8125IMG_8135 (1)

Ike pointed out some of its features as we strolled in, saw the rotunda, and took photos while Ike called out some cool facts: like the fact that you sound like you’re speaking into a microphone if you stand in the center of the rotunda. The acoustics are incredible.


He pointed out the portraits of the governors. Three in a row are familiar faces: John Connally (who was sitting beside JFK in the car when he was assassinated), George W. Bush (“W”), and Rick Perry (who recently competed on Dancing with the Stars).  Oddly, it was strange to see them in a government institution. But then, we’re seeing a lot of odd things in our government institutions these days.

Ike also pointed out the hinges. Aren’t they spectacular? Little details like this make this building spectacular.


We drove past the University and looked at the clock towers where the a horrendous massacre occurred, and where Austin recognized that mental health was something needed to be addressed.


We also saw tributes to Willie Nelson, the Austin City Limits venue, and their connections with the Austin community.

Street art was not to be missed.


The HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Neither were the food trucks.

Ike recommended plenty of other things to do and see. I got great advice on places to eat and hear live music.

My Austin Detour set the groundwork for my trip. I  knew exactly where I wanted to go now. I was ready to go explore even more of Austin! Determined to embrace all that Austin had to offer, I took Ike’s advice. And I was never sorry I did.


South Congress. Ike pointed out a dozen places and I went back and explored them all

One of the places I knew I had to go was to C-Boys, where I could play Chicken Sh*t Bingo. I’ll share that experience next.

What’s your favorite thing about Austin? If you haven’t been yet, what would make you want to? Because Ike could make a Detour…


19 responses to “Austin Detours

  1. Aww! I haven’t been back to Austin in years, but growing up in Texas, it was often a destination. Weekend trips with family; school field trips; college getaways to hang out with friends… You saw some of my fave things (the Capitol, 6th Street, South Congress). Did you eat at Kerbey Lane? Or check out the Alamo Drafthouse?

  2. Those hinges ARE really cool! Love all these details to see in Austin, seems like such a special city.

  3. I love Austin so much, the first time I went it wasn’t so great because all I could do is try not to melt into a puddle. The second time was so much better, and we hit a lot of the places you recommended. Love that you went on the capitol tour, I didn’t know government buildings could be so interesting, lol.

  4. Austin’s a great town. My sister-in-law lives there. We used to go there all the time when we lived in Dallas. My favorite things about Austin are the live music and yummy food.

  5. I’ve been seeing a LOT about Austin lately from various bloggers and instagrammers. I’d really really like to visit myself as its off beat persona sounds exactly like the kind of city I love! This sounds like a great tour. I also really like doing tours at the beginning of my visit to a place, so I can pick and choose the best places to return to!

  6. I haven’t been to Austin so I didn’t exactly know what to expect. It is interesting to see the Capitol though! The architecture, inside and outside, is fascinating. Do you typically need to make reservation to tour the building?

    • You don’t have to make a reservation to go inside the Capitol building, though you’d have to check into whether there are tours to join. I would recommend taking a tour just so you don’t miss out on cool features like the door hinges.

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