Crap! I Have Bingo!

Wait. Nope. Sh*t — I don’t have bingo. Stupid chicken! I pointed right to my spot!


Ducking into C-Boys on a Sunday afternoon for some live music and a few rounds of Chicken Shit Bingo was my favorite part of my trip to Austin.


What-is-chicken-shit-bingo? Instructions for playing chicken shit bingo

The Red River Rangers were playing, and they were awesome! The place was packed. Some couples even got up and danced.


I settled for tapping my toes, drinking a couple beers, and trying to lure Chicken #2 over to my bingo spot since the first chicken let me down.

My ticket was number 54. It’s right there!!! Come on, Chicken!


They don’t obey. I didn’t win. This chicken crapped all over #31. Not even close. Still, it was such a silly, fun, easy way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.  I didn’t win any of the $114 jackpots, but I had fun “trying” (which involved nothing more than buying a ticket).

Have you ever had any luck playing Bingo — Chicken Sh*t or otherwise?


12 responses to “Crap! I Have Bingo!

  1. This is hilarious. I love how quirky Austin sounds! And I’ve definitely never heard of this game before, haha!

  2. We play buzzword bingo at works. Anytime somebody starts talking about empowerment or process improvement we break out our mental boards. I don’t think I have won per se but I didn’t punch that guy in the throat so that’s a start.

  3. When I was in college and had a part time job at an office, I used to go with one of the secretaries who was a bingo addict – I had a blast!

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